Advanced course in Implantology

Advanced course in Implantology – A comprehensive training program covering the advanced concepts

Duration: 6 months

Modern dental practice requires a more comprehensive treatment plan for patients suffering from different clinical ailments. Patients having ideal bone and soft tissue conditions can be treated with implant supported prosthesis with fundamental knowledge of science of implantology. Atrophied alveolar ridges need correction of bone volume by bone manipulations or grafting procedures. Pneumatization of maxillary sinus poses a challenge while placing implants in posterior maxilla. Augmentative procedures direct and indirect grafting can overcome this challenge. Gaining attached keratinized tissue around implant is indicated in the area of resorbed alveolar bone. Soft tissue augmentation not only improves the aesthetics but also create attached keratinized tissue which protects the peri-implant area and helps in long term maintenance. Three dimensional reconstructions as well as nerve repositioning surgeries are advanced surgical procedures needing the skills as well as sound knowledge base.

These three level training programs are designed to help clinicians to diagnose, plan the treatment as well as achieve the challenging results with confidence.

Program Outline

Level 1

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Getting Started
  • Basics of augmentative procedures
  • Bone harvesting techniques
  • Guided tissue regeneration
  • Bone expansion
  • Bone splitting
  • Bone condensation
  • Lateral onlay graft surgeries
  • Symphyseal harvesting of bone block using conventional techniques and Frios micro-saw
  • Bone augmentation live surgeries
  • Hands-on training on animal head
  • Soft tissue augmentation
  • Principles of soft tissue management
  • Various types and designs of incisions and suturing techniques
  • Various techniques of vestibuloplasty
  • Second stage surgery with lateral repositioning of keratinized tissue
  • Roll flap
  • Apical re-positioning of flap
  • Free connective tissue graft
  • Free gingival graft

Level 2

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Augmentation procedure for posterior maxilla

Direct sinus floor elevation with live surgery

  • Anatomy of sinus and surrounding structures
  • Indications and treatment planning
  • Surgical techniques
    • Indirect sinus lift
    • Bone condensation with lift
    • Direct sinus lift with or without implant
  • Biomaterials and indications for sinus procedures
  • Intra operative and post-operative complications
  • Management of complications

Level 3

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3 Dimensional reconstruction for horizontal and vertical defect undefined
  • External oblique ridge graft
  • Specific use of Frios microsaw for 3D graft technique
  • Advanced soft tissue management
  • Hands-on on animal head for harvesting bone with microsaw


  • The participant need to have basic knowledge of Implantology as well as imaging techniques like CT scans.
  • For basic understanding of Implantology, you can take a look at our Fundamental Implantology course hosted on (our online educational platform).


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