Prime Implant Course

A comprehensive implant training program covering the fundamentals of implantology

Duration: 6 months

The Prime Implant Course and training program is designed to provide complete knowledge on implantology for dental surgeons who wish to practice implantology themselves. This course covers all the aspects of implantology from simple cases to full mouth rehabilitation. Students can then pursue advanced courses in grafting and bone manipulation for width correction, sinus augmentation and soft tissue surgeries.
The six month course is a blended-learning program divided into three modules with a set of online lectures and one contact session per module. Students are given access to each module’s online lectures at the beginning of the module. The lectures need to be viewed prior to contact sessions and students can view them repeatedly throughout the course. Live contact sessions are a mix of lectures, discussions, live surgical demonstrations by tutors and live surgeries performed by students. This format offers the advantages of both online self-paced learning as well as traditional teaching methods and has yielded great results in the past.

Prime Implant Course Outline

Module I

Online Lectures
  • Basic terminologies
  • Treatment planning
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of Bone
  • Periosteum
  • Medical imaging – Radiology
  • Anatomy homework
  • CT Scan and CBCT Images
Contact Session I
  • Surgical protocol for delayed implant placement of three different systems
  • Protocols for asepsis and sterilization
  • Demonstrations and hands on training
  • Instrumentation and inventory
Demonstration and Hands-On
  • Hands-on training on plastic mandible for implant placement
  • Hands-on training for suturing
  • Live surgical demonstration of delayed implant placement by Dr. Suvarna Nene

Module II

Online Lectures
  • Biochemical evaluations
  • Digital photography for documentation
  • Biomaterials
  • IV conscious sedation
  • Patient screening
  • Bone Physiology
Contact Session II
  • Serial anatomy
  • Immediate implants
  • Bone expansion
  • Augmentation with GTR
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
Demonstration and Hands-On
  • Suturing techniques
  • Live surgeries on patients: each participant places 2 implants under guidance and direct assistance by Dr. Nene and Dr. Rangwala

Module III

Online Lectures
  • Occlusion I
  • Implant prosthodontics I (Implant recovery in second stage, impression techniques, abutment selection)
  • Bone physiology
  • Biomaterials
  • Intra-venous conscious sedation
Contact Session III
  • Implant prosthodontics II (Advanced)
  • Occlusion II
  • Basic soft tissue management
  • Management of complications
Demonstration and Hands-On
  • Live patient implant second stage recovery, impression taking and completion of prosthesis